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Hypoallergenic Diet

A Complete Guide To Food Sensitivities

The Hypoallergenic Diet is a clinically designed program to help you identify food triggers of chronic disease. It is diagnostic and therapeutic. The diet is prescribed in treating Migraines, digestive symptoms such as Irritable Bowel Disease, and other Autoimmune conditions such as Arthritis.

The hypoallergenic diet is also called the elimination diet. The diet uses food elimination and re-introduction to identify foods that can cause disease symptoms in sensitive individuals. The sensitivity is sometimes the result of the immune reactions, and sometimes the result of functional changes and enzyme deficiency.

The Hypoallergenic Diet makes the elimination diet program easy to follow. It will help you identify food sensitivities and the foods that optimize your health. The diet program follows a two-phase diet plan made of an elimination phase and a reintroduction phase. For this reason, it is also referred to as the Elimination Reintroduction Diet, or simply the Elimination diet.

Doctors and nutritionist recommend the hypoallergenic diet in order to diagnose food sensitivity and thus treat the causative factors that help improve disease symptoms.

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A Complete Guide to Food Sensitivities