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Food sensitivities and allergies


Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Corn, Egg, Tomato and Potato family, Rose family, Onion family, Tree nuts, Legume family
Refined Sugar, Nitrites, Sulfites, MSG, Modified Starch, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Aspartame

Food sensitivities and allergies

Cause many symptoms such as Migraines, Irritable Bowel Disease, and Arthritis

Diseases like Migraines, Crohn’s, Colitis, and Arthritis have been shown to be directly linked to food sensitivities. But ailments like Asthma,  Mood disorders, and Skin problems also can result from sensitivity to food.

Most people have at least one or more food sensitivities. The reason is simple, incomplete digestion; either they don’t have the enzymes to digest a particular food completely and they eating them too frequently. In such a case the immune system begins to compensate for the lack of digestion by making antibodies. This is called Oral Tolerance. Food sensitivities are the result of too many antibodies in the blood stream that cause chronic inflammation.

Just think of the foods that you dislike. The reason is that they don’t sit well with your senses; they either don’t smell right, don’t taste right, or they bother your stomach. This dislike is a natural faculty or a sense. With the onslaught of processed foods this natural sense diminishes and over time the inherent ability to discriminate foods that do not suit the individual genetic makeup is lost. You can regain this natural ability by following the hypoallergenic diet.

The Hypoallergenic Diet is clinically tested and proven to improve and eliminate food triggers of chronic disease. It is diagnostic and therapeutic. It helps you identify the foods, and it helps you eliminate them.  It is a diet protocol of choice for treating Digestive symptoms such as Irritable Bowel Disease, Migraines, and other Autoimmune conditions such as Arthritis.

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