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Hypoallergenic Diet

A Complete Guide To Food Sensitivities

The Hypoallergenic Diet Is simple to follow. You may find, however, the
supervision of a Naturopathic Doctor or a Nutritionist useful since your doctor can modify the diet according to your condition and include other therapies to enhance it. Here is how it works:

The diet is basically divided into two phases:
The Food Elimination Phase: 3-6 weeks.
The Food Challenge phase: 2-3 weeks.

The elimination Phase usually takes three weeks. For some individuals with
extensive gastrointestinal symptoms and long lasting history of chronic symptoms it may be necessary to continue on this phase for an extra two to three weeks (total of six weeks) so that the GI system gets a chance to heal. and the allergens are cleared from the body. During this Phase, you will follow a diet devoid of most food groups that have been shown to cause allergy or sensitivity. These are foods that in general are harder to digest and/or have a high allergenic potential and halt the healing of the gut.

At the end of the Elimination Phase, once the symptoms have been
reduced, you will begin the Challenge phase; that is you will reintroduce the
eliminated foods one item at a time. This is done at two servings per food item, per day for three consecutive days. This will underline the specific foods that were the cause of and the extent of the sensitivities. The sooner in the three days that you have your old symptoms the more sensitive that you are to the food, and the less it can be tolerated. By restricting these underlined foods from your daily diet you then take charge of your gastrointestinal health and your symptoms.

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A Complete Guide to Food Sensitivities